Saturday, November 30, 2013

How To Be Queen Content Creator

Buon Giorno Bella!

Do you struggle with content creation for your blog or business?

Content is King, right?  

But, it is a beast of burden to keep up with.

You are only as good as your lastest blog post or lastest innovative business idea.

Well, struggle no more!  

Content may be King but you will become the Queen Content Creator! 

(Or, King Content Creator if you must.  But let's not mess up my headline, okay?)

I have a method that will continually work to create great ideas, fast.  

Ideas that will flow over into your art, craft and business as well.

How do you do it?


Specifically, by playing with words that you see in headlines.

No need to read lengthy articles and books.

If I'm looking for a new idea I read email, magazines,and book headlines.

I do read articles and books when I'm interested, but that's not necessary for great content creation.

Plus, you'll  want to remain authentic and use your own voice and not just rehash other writer's ideas.

One word or sentence will stimulate an idea.
Even reading tweets or Facebook posts will generate an interesting idea as well.

#1.  Relax.  The key is not to get frantic about finding the perfect idea.  Relax and let words and images come out to play.

If you been feverishly churning out blog posts only to find yourself coming up blank, it means you're depleted.

Time to refill your creative well.

Relax your mind and go fishing.  Not for fish of course but for words.

Scan the latest topics.  You find the hottest topics in magazines and book titles.  Email, Twitter and Facebook feeds work well too.

What are people interested in learning today?  What are they talking about?  What are they reading?

#2.  Get a blank note book ready.  Begin to jot down anything that catches your attention.  A sentence, a word or a topic.

Go over each word, sentence or topic and apply it to your topic of business.

If you're trying to solve a business problem, apply a word to the problem.

Here's how to play:


My recent post called 'Artists You Have Freedom To Disrupt Your Industry' was inspired by the word 'Disrupt'.

I free associated with the word 'disrupt' .  Meaning I played around with the word to see what thoughts naturally came up for me.

Disrupt, disruption, disturb, stir up, cause a scene, break apart.

Then I applied the word, 'disrupt' to my blog's main topic.  

My topic is:  Creative  Ideas for Arts and Crafts Business.
Oh dio mio!

How in the world does the word 'disrupt' apply to art?

I immediately thought of deconstruction art.  That's a very interesting topic.

But, nah, my readers don't want info on "How To Deconstruct Art".  

My readers want info on business and how to sell their art.  They already know how to make art.

Back to the word and how it applies directly to art or craft business.

I use the word in a sentence with my topic.

Disrupt your art or craft business!

Now we're getting somewhere.

Sounds like a cool topic to me!

How have artists in history disrupted their industry?

Artists in history have always disrupted their industry.  Just look at the impressionists, abstract painters.

But again, how does this apply to my audience?

How about inspiring yourself to do the same as the artists that came before us?

Sounds interesting.

But, I took the topic even further and applied it to business.

I thought about other creative industries and how people in creative businesses changed their standards of operating.

The brain is going into high idea generating mode.

I remembered seeing a sign recently.  It was for the circus.  I began to free associate with the idea of the circus'.  

I love the idea of a circus but I won't promote them by purchasing tickets and going. I'm against using animals for entertainment.

However, I would go see  Cirque du Soleil.

That brought me to thinking about how Cirque du Soleil disrupted the circus industry.  They left the animals alone and focused on acrobatics and art performance.

Whoo hoo!

What a great idea!

Cirque du Soleil disrupted the circus industry by making the circus a true art form.

Wow, I'm completely amazed that one little word, lead me to a topic that totally applies to business.

Even to a small arts and crafts business.  How does it do that?  Arts and craft businesses can model larger businesses.  They can model how large businesses shake up their industry. 

Words can develop into great ideas for your blog posts and your business as well.

I have true affection for words and how they can stimulate creative thinking.  Don't underestimate the power of words.

Words are magical little gems that inspire great ideas.

I never run out of content when I use this simple method of word play.

Now, it's your turn... 

You have the plan.  Play, twist, bend words to fit your blog or business topic. 

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