Saturday, November 30, 2013

Branding, What's Your Big Story?

Buongiorno Bella!

No need to get your knickers in a twist over branding! 

You may be thinking "I'm an artist, I'm not a corporation." 

 However, if you are selling something... you need to have a story about who you are and what you do.  

This is what a brand is.  

You need to create a story for your art, craft or service business.

Here's how:

1. Describe the main thing that you do in your business.  It's your theme.  For example:  "I'm an artisan of vintage, hand-painted bowls".


"I'm a portrait painter who shares her creative process by inviting her collector's to participate in a "salon" style experience.

Having a brand helps your client know exactly what you stand for.  It also tells them exactly what you offer.  

It's the microscopic view of how you serve your business and clientele. 

Branding helps you get clear on what exactly your business is and why you are doing business. 

It shines a spotlight on what you do for your collectors and for yourself.  

Study the big brands so that you can get a good idea of how to do branding right. 

  •  Apple is cutting edge technology to connect the world with the easiest, fastest most streamlined computers.

  • Martha Stewart's craft line is the fine art of crafts.  Offering quality materials to aid you in creating your own superior craft products.

  • National Geographic Magazine is a close up view of the world through exotic photography and adventurous journalism.

Every business needs a brand.  Even small businesses need branding.

It's simple:  My crafts business brand is "Hand-Painted Vintage".    

Simple, effective and straight to the point.  The client knows exactly what they're getting.

It also helps you to focus on exactly what service or product you would like to provide.

Create Your Brand/What's Your Story?

  • Who are your collector's
  • How do you serve them?
  • What are the benefits to owning your art, craft or service?
  • What are your collector's expecting from your art, craft or service.
  • How do you give your collectors what they expect?
  • Why is this important for you?

When you answer these questions you will develop your marketing strategy.   It will also help you to prioritize your time. 

Once you state what your big story is, you will know how to proceed in your business.   If the story isn't the correct story, you will need to change it.  The story will give you clarity as to why you want to do this work.  If your intention doesn't match the story then why are you doing it?

So what's your big story?  What do you think your brand is? 

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Ciao Bella!