Saturday, November 30, 2013

Become More Creative By Doing The Opposite

Buon Giorno!

Ever feel like things are just not going anywhere in your art or craft business?

Feel like you are just spinning around and around only to do the same old things that you always do?

When I feel stuck and unproductive, I've learned to flex my creative muscles by doing the complete opposite of what I normally do.  

As you may already know, I paint landscapes and portraits in oil for a living.  

In order to get ideas for my work, I play with opposite mediums.

On most days I work in an art journal making abstracts, cartoons, doodles or collage.  

It allows me expression in other forms and pushes the boundaries of creativity.

It also magically unlocks that illusive creativity when I feel stuck using traditional painting techniques.

I've also learned to use writing to express myself.  Mostly, I write these blog posts.

It helps me to stay alert and always generates new ideas for my painting business.

When I blog, I have to do research.  Sleuth out information that is useful for you.

I'm always looking for information on ways to inspire creative thinking for us all.

I like to try out what I've learned and break it down into the most simplified format if possible.  

This way it can be useful for any creative endeavor.

Taking apart ideas and reforming them into blog posts requires me to use those brain cells that are quickly dying off ;)

The blog lets me experience myself  in other ways too. 

 As a teacher,

 Art marketer, 

Craft business owner.  

These experiences enrich me as an artist.

I get to experience business as a newcomer again.  

When you are new, you have freshness, new eyes to a world of possibilities.

Here's how you can use Opposites to create alternatives for your own creativity:

 Re-imagine the familiar.  Use the question "What if?"

What if:

1.  Instead of painting, what if I turned the painting to sculpture? 

  •  How would I work that? 

  •  What materials could I use? 

  •  What forms of sculpture would work?  Wood, paper mache'? 

  • Is there another material that would work well?

  • Fabric?

  • Make soft sculptures?

2.  What if my surroundings were different?  

  • Paint outside? 
  •  Work on the floor?  
  • Work in a studio with other artists?
  • Paint in exotic locations.
  • Paint the ordinary street scene.

3.  What if the canvas was larger or much smaller?

  • Sell cheaper paintings if they were smaller.

  • Sell more expensive paintings if they were larger.

Think in scenarios as well to inspire creative thinking:

1.  What if instead of selling my crafts at a traditional store, I looked for alternative venues?

  • Outdoor craft fairs
  • Hair Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Furniture stores
  • Staging companies for home buyers.
  • Artist Cooperatives
  • Open studio

Expand on the idea: 

  • Create my own craft event.
  • Host a craft night and sell my work after the event.
  • Teach my craft at the local library and exhibit my crafts in the class.  
  • Give my business cards and website to all of my students.

2.  What if  I started my own craft cooperative?

  • A place where people could come and sell their wares but also take turns in running the co-op. 

Expand on the idea:
  • An online co-op
  • A meet-up  group
  • Host events such as craft business networking nights.
  • Host craft business idea generation parties.

If you model the kind of thinking I have outlined above I think you will find that the ideas just keep on coming.

Try it out on your own business and let me know your results.

I'd love to hear from get's lonely when I have nobody to play idea generation with!

Take a look at this video and see if you understand Italian!  LOL!

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Need more ideas for your art biz?

Hope you are having an amazing summer!

Ciao Bella!