Friday, September 13, 2013

How To Make Your Photos Larger on Blogger

Ciao a tutti!  Greetings to all!

It's Friday the 13th!  Don't despair!

I have a tutorial and some flowery inspiration for you today...

Good-day Sunshine!

I took these photos with my iPhone.  I'm amazed at the wonderful shots it takes and boy when I bring them up on the IPad....Whooohooo!

Would you like to know how to make your images as large as these on your blog?  It's easy Bella!  Don't you worry, Naomi here to the rescue... ;-D

1.  Make your original photo larger.  You can re-size photos with an online editor such as Picmonkey.  Go to the basic edits and on the bottom click on re-size.  I make my photos 200 times larger.  I also name the photo so that I can find each individual photo easier when I'm adjusting the HTML code.

2. Upload the photo onto blogger in the usual way and size it to the  X-Large size.

3.  Where it says Compose/HTML on your post dashboard, hit on the HTML button.  You will have the written code page of your blog.  Scroll down until you see the longer lines usually with red underlined areas.  Look for the name of the photo so that you know that you are on the right section.

4.  Find the areas that says width and height.  Change the dimensions to 200 times larger.  So, if it says height s680, change it to s880.  And change the width from s840 to s1040 or 200 times more.  Whatever numbers are there just change the first digit to two digits higher.  Or to whatever size you like.

***Make sure you have enough room on your margins in the main template.  If you don't you can adjust them easily by going to the main dashboard.  On the left side go down to template and click it.  Then click on customize.  It will take you to the area where you first made your template.  Go to margins and click.  You can size your margins left and right. 

Here are the two screen-shots of my HTML on blogger:

First find the width and change your numbers:

Second change the height:

Make sure that you leave the quotation marks.  Simply click back on the Compose button and you will see your regular text again.

That's all!  You are now ready to publish your post with the new and improved larger sized photos.

You're all set to make your blog beautiful.