Monday, May 20, 2013

Need Idea Generation? Play Mad Lib For Your Art Biz!


I've been thinking about you and how you can solve your Art business problems with your creative mind.

We all get stumped for ideas about how to create more art, better art and more sales.

Years ago I learned to add action words to solve any problem.  An action word is a Verb

You can make your own list of verbs but I made the list above to get you started.

Here's how to play:

1. State your problem.   Add  "How", "Who", "Where" and "Why" questions to make your problem specific.

ie:  Problem:  "How" can I create more products from my art?

2.  Select a verb and restate the problem with that verb.  Don't throw away your answers.  Jot them down and move on if you don't think they quite fit.  Later you can analyze them more deeply.

Add a Verb:

I'll choose the word "collect".

Begin by free associating with the verb:

Collect makes me think of collecting, collections  and collectors.

Example Problem Becomes:

How can I "collect" more products from my art?

Sample Idea Generation:

1.  Collect Paintings. 

  •  Collect art from one painting. 
How do I collect more products from one painting?  
  1. prints
  2. cards 
  3. giclees
  4. calendars
  5. books
  6. fabric

2.  Make collections of art. 
  • series paintings. 
  • collections that go with the piece such as drawings and studies

3.  Collectors

  • Give collectors an added bonus for buying more than one painting.
  • Focus on your collectors.  Who has bought your art?  Let them know you are now offering a new series, prints, a book,  drawings or studies to collect with their paintings.

See how that worked?  I added the word "collect" and it created the action of collecting art, expanding the art, and even went into thinking about the "collector" as a person who "collects".   What might my collector's be interested in buying along with my paintings?

The action word creates action inside of the problem.  This is a very intense and innovative way to solve a business problem. 

I love this way of problem solving because it is fun, almost like playing mad lib.

Not convinced?  Let's try another verb.

Use the verb "Bond".  Free associate with the verb.

How can I Bond more products from one painting?

Bond, bind, bound makes me think of books.  Can write a book about painting?  Make a coffee table book with my collection of paintings?  

Bond=closeness, intimacy.

How can I be more intimate in my painting?

Can I go deeper into my method?  Make my paintings more meaningful therefore creating closeness to the viewer?

 Bond to my painting?  How can a collector bond to my painting?

  • Create better connections to my work.  Can I create an experience where a collector bonds with the painting?
  • Paint for the collector in person. 
  • Paint a commissioned work for the collector.  Maybe something that the collector loves such as a person, a place or an object that they love.

How can I find out what my collectors want?

  • Survey my collectors and find out what types of paintings they are looking to collect.
  • Analyze the pieces I've sold.  Which were the biggest sellers?  Did those paintings have a tighter connection to the audience?

See how this one verb can cause creative thinking?

Give the Verb game a try and let me know if it helps you in your creative business.

Do you like this idea?

Let me know you've had your espresso this morning!  Leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you are doing to create awesome business ideas!

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Ciao Bella!